The Angel, Sheep Street, Bicester
Inn Business
Wadworth 6X 2.00 (12.iii.1999)

A stuccoed, magnolia-painted building Standing at the far north end of 
Sheep Street opposite the cycle shop (not recommended), it is, to be fair, 
a pub that actually is old, unlike the White Horse, say, further down the 
street, and it has a deepish carpet, not to mention a fairly splendid 
golden retriever whose name I didn't manage to make out.

Despite (or possibly because of) being run by an independent pub company, 
it had a fairly uninspiring (though decently kept) choice of beer, and a 
corridor which led off to a wee cubbyhole containg old people at the far 
northeast end.

The stand-out feature of the pub, however, is an enormous ornamental sword 
in a case lined with green-blue velvet. Made in Spain, apparently, and 
Duncan says it looks like a copy of an Anglo-Saxon one. So there you go.