The Anchor (Wadworth)
Hayfield Road, Oxford. Monday to Thursday 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm

Friday, Saturday 12pm to 11pm
Sunday 12.30pm to 10.30pm

Pontus Lurcock writes:
The current assortment is 6X, Henry's IPA and JCB. I believe the IPA
is still under 2. I didn't notice a guest this time, but in August
they had three, all from St Austell's (including the delicious
Tribute). Unfortunately, the quality can be variable -- I've had a
couple of noticeably ailing pints here. Which is a shame, because it
has much else going for it: very pleasant staff, good quietish
atmosphere and the previously noted magazine rack, which now appears
to be dominated by nature magazines. There is now a large projection
screen for sports in one of the rooms, but the volume is reasonable
and there's enough space to avoid it easily (sitting right under it
also works well).  There are outdoor tables at the front and a small
beer garden at the side.
Had a surprisingly good pint of Malt 'n' Hops (2.40) here the other
day (it has supplanted the JCB). (31.x.2003)

Colin Batchelor writes:
Built in the 1930s by Ind Coope to the same design as The Philosopher and 
Firkin on Cowley Road and The Nuffield Arms in Cowley proper, and 
according to the squiggly pub history originally called Dolly's Hut. They 
have some sort of fire, but it wasn't going. Airy, big, good views of 
Aristotle Lane (which according to the squiggly pub history takes its name 
not from the same onomastic incident as Boar's Hill but from a well in the 
garden of a house of Aristotelians), tall ceiling in yellow and dark green 
with oddly gooseberryish lighting hanging from it. Friendly bar staff.

Beer consists of Henry's IPA, Wadworth 6X and a Wadworth seasonal. 
Currently (Holy Week, 2000) it is Easter Ale, and rather good.

In term it seems to be popular with University College students from the 
nearby Staverton Road accommodation; on Maundy Thursday the customers were 
almost all locals and under twenty-five.

Since the new management came in, the ceiling in the bar with the pool 
table has been covered in tin foil. Pub quiz still on Tuesdays at 8.30pm. 

Owen Massey writes:
The Anchor has a surprising door in that it's latched, but don't let that 
put you off. The magazine rack is stuffed not with downmarket tabloids 
like the Express but with the Oxford Gazette, Oxford Magazine, Oxford 
Today and a lone issue of Cam which had crept in. The tables are all quite 
big so I wouldn't recommend it for a cosy tete-a-tete.

Mark Dickerson adds:
A gassy Wadworth mild on when I went, as well as Wadworth IPA and 6X. The 
now mismatched furniture seems to add to the period decor, though the 
lectern seems to have gone. (15.v.2000)