The Albion Tavern, 90 Burford Road, Chipping Norton
Free House

    * Hook Norton Best (3.4%) 1.70
    * Stowford Press real-ish Cider 2.00 (

"It's the sort of place I've only seen before on I'm Alan Partridge" --- 
Owen Massey

Some way out of Chipping Norton, past a school with its own coach park for 
tourists, on the road to Burford, sits a low motel-type pub. There's an 
old piano in the corridor. Very upholstered and carpeted it is.

Ideal for the low-key sexual encounters of middle management.

Decent Hook Norton Best available (but no other real ales). Beermats. Past 
Timesy upholstery on the benches, much like in The Oxford House Inn. 
Several entire Aunt Sally sides came in and started eating a huge lasagne.