Apparently no longer a pub.

The Air Balloon (Free House)
Ock Street, Abingdon.

    * Webster's Green Label 1.86
    * Greene King Abbot Ale 1.69
    * Strongbow 1.80 (8.x.1997)

In October 1997, I wrote:
This was called, until very recently, the Air Balloon, which was an 
excellent name. Now it has reverted to the original name, but looking 
through the window, it looks much the same as it did back then. The old 
review follows. (26.ii.2000)

It isn't as bad as you would expect from the name, however, but it does 
reek of having been a recent invention. Take the roadsign in the corner of 
the room, which is the sort of thing that you'd expect to see in a college 
bar, or the stuffed ducks above the bar, or the red lighting (a bit like 
the deserted Three Horseshoes in Old Marston), and the unconvincing 
inglenook. Or indeed the hallucinogenic carpet.

On the plus side, it does a reasonable range of drinks, and best of all, 
fairly pleasant and quite decently-priced food - though if you're a 
vegetarian you'll pay in the same price range (about four to seven pounds) 
and get a pile of salad instead of a helping of chips.

If they changed back the name, sorted out the lighting, and either removed 
the jukebox or fixed it so that more than the bassline was audible, this 
would be a pretty good pub. Oh, and it has satellite television as well.