Carfax catalogue acknowledgements

I would like to thank the following people, some of whom I've never met.

Alister Dodds, Arthur Bullard (for keeping the reviews safe), Tony Peel, Catherine Kimber, Chris Brewer, David Hill, David Lecomber, Edward Harris, Ed Turner, Elaine Ewart, Gordon Woods, Henry Braun, James Davey, James Thorne, Jane Littlehales, Juliet Kemp, Kate Levick, Kate Pugh, Kirstie Jackson, Leigh Perrott, Liz Beaumont Bissell, Liz Wootten, Mark Dickerson, Martin Kimber, Nick Bull, Owen Massey, Paul Gilkerson, Paul Stevenson, Pete Gillin, Pont Lurcock, Rod Cookson, Russell Dewhurst, Stephen Gower and Tom Weston.

I might have missed you off the list. Sorry.


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