The Abingdon Arms (Honeypot Inns, tied to Brakspear)
Beckley, near Oxford. 

Monday to Saturday: 11.30 to 2.30, 6.30 to 11.00
Sunday 12.00 to 2.30, 8.00 to 10.30

    * Adnams Southwold Bitter 1.80
    * Tetley Smoothflow 1.76
    * Guinness 2.22
    * Carlsberg 2.06
    * Dry Blackthorn Cider 2.02 (31.i.1998)

Steve Kedwell reports that the Abingdon Arms is now run by Wootton Inns, but 
the beer is still Brakspear. (14.ix.2001)

You can't miss Beckley, it's got a radio mast slap bang in the middle of it which is visible from much of the county, and the Abingdon Arms is at the intersection of the High Street and Roman Walk, which is about the least Roman-looking thoroughfare I've ever seen, though it continues north onto the absolutely straight-as-a-die Otmoor Lane, which definitely used to be. The lounge is smallish and has a bar billiards table, and the public bar is bigger. When I first came here, it was closing time, and I was allowed to buy a drink as long as I drank it outside. The second time, there was a Beckley Cricket Club dinner on and I had to sit in the lounge, or I could have stood in the public bar. According to our secretary, this isn't unusual, and the couple running it are a bit odd. According to my scout in fourth year, it has a fine garden, though. This consists of a full complement of the coat of arms, the coat of arms appearing to consist of rams' heads on the ends of coat racks, a crown, helmet, and crest on top of the coat of arms, emerging from which is the head and shoulders of a naked king with a crown on his head. The supporters are a monk and a bearded, long-haired man wearing nothing but lush greenery about his waist and neck. The motto is "VIRTUS ARIETE FORTIOR". Oh, and each of the three figures have on their fronts a logo appearing to consist of four blue sticking plasters with white edges criss-crossed on top of one another, the smallest at the front. I'll supply a GIF or two in the fullness. The crisps are Jonathan Crisp, and cooked in peanut oil, by the way. (31.i.1998)