Saint Radegund's, King Street, Cambridge

Sign: per fess or two dogs heads sable tongued gules and gules a basket or.

It feels right immediately.  Lots of bottles and dictionaries behind the bar.
Imagine a very small pub that's been bisected diagonally.  Bateman's XB, London
Pride and Spitfire on tap.  Gloag's Gin, blades, names written on the ceiling
in candle soot.  Wooden Maltese Falcon by bar.  Map of overland trips to India.

Russell tells a story about the relics of St. Radegund.  They are holy
knickers, he says, that are carried by sackcloth-wearing bar staff along the
street on a pole to the bar of Westcott House, where Westcottians meet them
in their (J.B.) priestly garb.