The Rose and Crown (Greene King)
Whiting Street, Bury St Edmunds

Ooh.  Mild.  There's not many pubs round here that do mild, even though 
Greene King's XX Mild is brewed not far away.  Bombay Sapphire among the 
gin.  Confused the barman by my having a gin and tonic and Elaine's a pint 
of mild.

Whiting Street is a very quiet street in the mediaeval grid, and the Rose 
and Crown is at the far southern end.  Pub not very busy on a Monday 
night, oldish, pictures and models of pigs unobtrusively everywhere.
Cribbage.  Pre-A14 maps of Bury.

In the corridor between the two halves of the pub, there's a bookshelf.  
One of the books on it is the story of the round-the-world yachtsman who
stopped in the mid-Atlantic, claimed to be still taking part in the race, 
went mad and vanished.

(Fieldwork: 2003-09-15, 2003-12)