The Golden Hind, Milton Road, Cambridge

Brick; stone facings.  Based on a big house in Suffolk with Tolly Cobbold
connections---there used to be a sign outside saying what the house was.
I like the chimneys.

Stand outside and concentrate on the chimneys.  The clock tower has a working
clock and a verdigreased copper-beaten steeple.  In December I was in the dark
brown wallpapered interior with pool table but we weon't worry about that now.
No.  Concentrate on the chimneys and the clock tower.  Goodness knows what's

In fact, after five minutes at the bus stop opposite concentrating on the
lamp fittings and the clock tower and the pergolas it occurs to me that there
is no interior, because it's being gutted and refitted.  The sign has been
taken down as well.