The Fort St George (Greene King)
Midsummer Common, by Victoria Avenue, Cambridge

I thought I'd reviewed this before, but I can find no trace of it.  It's 
on the Cam opposite some boathouses and very close to the bridge over to 
Mitcham's Corner, where we have The Boathouse, The Old Spring, The 
Portland Arms and one or two other pubs I've forgotten.  Lots of outside 
seating, and indoors all woody and poky.  Greene King IPA and Abbot, and 
today Everard's Tiger was the guest.

I'd come here for lunch, so, for comparison purposes I had the ham and 
chips, which was very good.  The ham was almost gammon thickness, and 
properly juicy, and the chips were big slices of potato not unlike those 
in the (forgotten name) in Horningsea.

I could get a seat indoors on a Saturday in term time, by the way, because 
I was in a tiny bar with no television.  All of the other indoors 
customers were watching the rugby.

(Latest fieldwork: 2003-10-18)