The Fat Cat, Spring Road, Ipswich

It is, I should warn you, nowhere near the railway station.  If you go by 
car it's a good quarter of an hour round the one-way system, up a hill.

Fortunately it is excellent.  The core of the pub is a tap room, which you
can see through windows next to the bar and has about two dozen casks in
it from only about five or six breweries, nearly all represented by three
or four beers.  Surrounding this is the body of the pub, in wood, and
beyond that to the back are the conservatory, also in muted Victorian
olives and reds, and beyond that the garden, but this being July 2004 we
didn't risk the garden.

There is one beer on a conventional tap, and that's Adnam's Broadside.  
There are also two ciders, one dry and one sweet, in polypins (I assume)  
in the tap room.  No food.  Copies of Last Orders, the Suffolk
CAMRA newsletter.  Duvel and Leffe in bottles.