The Black Boy, Guildhall Street, Bury St Edmunds
(Greene King)

One difference between the big cartoons in broadsheets and tabloids is
that the broadsheet caption, if there is one, can be removed without
destroying the sense, whereas the caption is the entire joke in the
tabloid cartoon, the picture merely setting the scene.  Two men in flat 
caps in a pub instead of a topical reworking of Goya.

This makes the framed tabloid cartoons in The Black Boy a rather odd
choice of decoration.  The rest of the pub is more orthodox.  It has a
pool table, for example, and serves Greene King beer, including, I am
pleased to say, XX Mild.  The food, served at lunchtimes, is typical pub
stuff, largely for under a fiver a main course.  The chips are very good.

(Fieldwork: 2004-12-04)