The Anchor, Silver Street, Cambridge

It's big and white, stands level with a bridge and goes all the way down to the
river.  It's far from an amazing pub, but its location, behind the moorings
for a punt hire outfit, is particularly fine.  Trainered men leap between
the backs of seats like people stepping from rafter to rafter in an attic, to
avoid a crash and a shower of plaster and Nice of you to drop in ha ha.
They even have the double-width punts you don't see in Oxford, in one case
improvising by chaining two standard six-person punts together.  Two Magdalene
punts went past.  It looked as if the independent- : state-school ratio at
Magdalene was not what it might be.

6X on tap, fridges full of alcopops, rafters, floors and stairs all over the
place.  Very food oriented, in fact.