Ge?rr Ghr?mar na G?idhlig

Tha mi air a bhith a’ leughadh Ge?rr Ghr?mar na G?idhlig le Richard A. V. Cox. Tha e gl? dhl?th, mhionaideach is 492 duilleagan a dh’fhaide is e anns a’ Gh?idhlig air fad. Mar sin tha sanas bhriathar ann is tha na teirmichean teicnigeach nas soilleire na anns a’ Bheurla. D? tha apocope, syncope is aphaeresis a’ ciallachadh? Teasgadh deiridh, teasgadh meadhain is teasgadh toisich.

I have been reading Richard A. V. Cox’s Ge?rr Ghr?mar na G?idhlig (‘Short Grammar of Gaelic’). It’s very dense, very detailed and 492 pages long, not to mention entirely in Gaelic. To this end there is a glossary of the technical vocabulary, which is generally easier to work out than the corresponding vocabulary in English: apocope, syncope and aphaeresis are teasgadh deiridh, teasgadh meadhain and teasgadh toisich.

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