Categorial Grammar of Gaelic

Categorial grammar is a promising framework for doing things like really fast parsing of English and handling coordination (words like “and”, “or”) in a principled way. And I’ve recently realized that I’m not going to understand how it works unless I have a go.

So, why Gaelic? I don’t know of any parsers that have been written for Gaelic. It hasn’t attracted the attention that, say, Basque, has. It’s reasonably well resourced in the sense that there are dictionaries and grammars, a smallish Wikipedia, teaching materials, and I have a Sorley MacLean Collected and a Julie Fowlis CD. None of this is the Penn Treebank, of course, but it all helps.

Now, I don’t speak much Gaelic beyond “please”, “thank you”, “where is Spot?”, “it’s wet today” and “cheerio the now!” so I’ll hopefully learn a bit more about Gaelic in the process.

Also, Gaelic is VSO, which is a bit unusual.

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